AEE 1179: Have You Been Meaning to Use More Natural English?

Do you have something that you have been wanting to try? Have you heard somebody use the phrase “I’ve been meaning to” in English conversations? This is a phrase that helps you to show intent in conversation. We’re going to show you how you can… Read More

AEE 1178: Learn About Approximation in 15 Minutes Give or Take

Have you ever wanted to use flexibility when you talk about time or values in English? Have you heard somebody use the phrase “give or take”? This is a phrase that can be used to discuss flexibility and it has many important uses in English…. Read More

AEE 1177: How Far Do Language Apps Take You?

Have you ever used a language app to try to help you to really master a language? Have they been effective for you or fallen short? When can language apps help you and when can they hold you back? We’re going to look at what… Read More

AEE 1176: Elephant in the Room? What to Say to Address it Directly

Do you have any friends or family who don’t like to have difficult conversations that need to be had? Sometimes, when there is a problem, it’s tempting to want to pretend nothing is happening to try to avoid a tense conversation. Politicians and their staff… Read More

AEE 1175: Let’s Hear It! What to Do When Someone Breaks a Rule in English

“Listen” versus “hear”- what is the difference? Have you ever heard native speakers break rules in their speaking? Do you hear somebody say something in English and know that it’s not proper? This is where there can be a huge discrepancy between the textbook and… Read More