AEE 1195: Torn Between Two Friends in a Debate? How to Handle It in English

Have you ever had to mediate a debate between friends in English? This can be so  awkward, and it may leave you feeling really uncomfortable and unsure. We are going to look at this type of situation and how you can best handle it. We… Read More

AEE 1194: That’s Juicy! How to Comment on Gossip and More in English

Have you heard any juicy gossip lately? Have you heard the word “juicy” used in conversations and felt unsure about it? Though there is a literal meaning, we’re talking about the way that you might use it to describe something in conversation. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1193: Are You a Backseat Driver?

Has somebody ever given you advice that you didn’t really want? Do you ever find that people offer their opinions even when you aren’t asking for them? This unsolicited advice can be a really negative thing, and it can create a lot of unpleasant feelings…. Read More

AEE 1192: What’s Your Greatest Asset? How to Talk About Advantages in English

Has anyone ever told you that you are an asset? Have you heard the word “asset” used in English conversation? This is a common word that is actually really quite positive and uplifting. We’re going to look at this word, how it fits into conversation,… Read More

AEE 1191: How to Talk About the Glass Ceiling in English

There are a lot of women running for president in 2020 in the American election. Hillary Clinton tried to break through the glass ceiling but couldn’t quite do it. However, she was the first woman to be the presidential nominee, so in a way she… Read More