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how to ask in English about vacation

AEE 591: How Was Your Vacation? 5 English Phrases to Ask Your Colleague About Their Time Off

It's almost September. This is the time of year when everyone will be coming back from their vacations. Asking your colleagues about their vacation is a great way to build connection. We'll show you how... Read More
English lesson marriage proposals in the US

AEE 590: Will You Marry Me? How to Get Engaged in American Culture

One of our listeners is planning to propose to his girlfriend this week in New York City! We are so excited for him! We show him some great places to go to make the proposal... Read More
how to apologize for not getting back to someone in English

AEE 589: Don’t Be a Flake! How to Apologize in English When You Forget to Get Back to Someone

Life gets busy! Everyone is so distracted. Sometimes we get a message from someone by email, phone, or text and we read it or listen to it but we forget to reply. What can you... Read More
"Everyday I am listening your “All Ears English Podcast” on my commuting train. It’s very practical English and helpful to understand those real spoken English. Adding those things, Gabby and Lindsay seem very friendly each other and it may make us listeners happy."
Yuji, Japan
"Hey Lindsay, hey Gabby. My name is Sarah. I'm from Iran, Tehran. I've been listening to your podcast for a while. I play your podcast every single morning and I enjoy it so much because you are such an inspiration to me. You kind of changed my life. You are expanding my English knowledge abilities in a way that I couldn't imagine. I just want to thank you and tell you that you guys are perfect and you are amazing. Thank you for your work and thank you for giving us such amazing podcasts."
Sarah Aziziyan
"Hi I’d like to say I really appreciate your job. I am sure my English is better today than the day I met All Ears English Podcast. Congratulations and thanks for existing. My name is Saulo. I am from Brazil."
Saulo, Brazil
“Hi my name is Sergio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’d like to thank you girls. I am so grateful for your great lessons, your happy mood, your tone of voice. Thank you man, you are part of my life now.”
Sergio, Brazil
"Hi guys my name is Asli I am from Turkey and every night when I go to sleep I am listening to your podcast. Not just for learning English, it also makes my worldview wiser so keep going on and thank you for your podcast."
Asli, Turkey