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Nature's Art

AEE 175: How to Craft Your Art Through English in 28,000 Days

Do you know how to craft your art through English? Have you thought about what your legacy will be? Today we talk about how your learning English a part of how people will remember you when you're gone.... Read More

AEE 174: How to Think in English with Shayna from Espresso English

How can you think in English? Today, we talk with Shayna Oliveira from about three levels to start thinking your way to fluency! Many language learners believe that you must be advanced or even fluent before you... Read More

AEE 173: Wish vs. Hope in English – What’s the Difference?

Wish and Hope in English are similar, but not exactly the same.  Today, in #13 of our countdown of the Top 15 Fixes in English series (see also episode 165 and 169), find out how to correctly use... Read More
"Everyday I am listening your “All Ears English Podcast” on my commuting train. It’s very practical English and helpful to understand those real spoken English. Adding those things, Gabby and Lindsay seem very friendly each other and it may make us listeners happy."
Yuji, Japan
“Hi my name is Sergio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’d like to thank you girls. I am so grateful for your great lessons, your happy mood, your tone of voice. Thank you man, you are part of my life now.”
Sergio, Brazil
"Hi I’d like to say I really appreciate your job. I am sure my English is better today than the day I met All Ears English Podcast. Congratulations and thanks for existing. My name is Saulo. I am from Brazil."
Saulo, Brazil
"After listening to a lot of English Learning Podcasts, I discover this amazing and dynamic website that pushes my English to the roof. It goes without saying, it is absolutely educational and informative. There is so much to intake and enjoy. Miss Lindsay and Miss Gabby work well together and sound great ! They love international people and are extremely enthusiastic! They help people from all walks of life. They deserve good praise and reward. Wish them the best !!!"
"Hi guys my name is Asli I am from Turkey and every night when I go to sleep I am listening to your podcast. Not just for learning English, it also makes my worldview wiser so keep going on and thank you for your podcast."
Asli, Turkey